Automotive USB Charger with Linear Droop Compensation Reference Design (TIDA-00160)

The TIDA-00160 reference design provides detailed data for evaluating and verifying a USB charger, which uses a USB charge controller, a buck controller and a shunt amplifier. This design demonstrates an automotive USB charging port that offers short-to-battery protection. With the help of the shunt amplifier, the design aims to compensate the effects on Vdroop when the smartphone/tablet is connected to the USB charger using a cable that is roughly 2-3 meters in length.


Compliance wtih almost all major smartphone/tablet manufacturers is supported due to programmable current limit up to 3A, BC 1.2 compliant devices being supported, and D+/D- divider modes of 2.7V/2.7V and 1.2V. Drop in and BOM compatible wtih TPS2543-Q1. The TI devices in this design are AEC-Q100 qualified. Supports CDP/SDP auto switch for small industry standard footprint based devices.


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Automotive USB Charger with Linear Droop Compensation Reference Design TIDA-00160

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