Automotive Resistive Pressure Sensor Interface Reference Design (TIDA-00150)

This TIDA-00150 Design provides reference documentation on the PGA400-Q1 which will allow customers to quickly evaluate the automotive qualified PGA400-Q1 System on Chip (SoC) as an interface for their automotive resistive pressure sensor applications. The PGA400-Q1 has a built-in configurable Analog Front-End (AFE) with diagnostics, Sigma-Delta ADC, DACs, SPI, I2C, and a One-Wire Interface (OWI). Also with an integrated 8051 MCU and OTP memory, this chip enables a fully configurable system that can be easily matched to multiple automotive resistive pressure sensor applications. This design incorporates the PGA400Q1EVM board to create the solution.


Full SoC with Chopper-stabilized AFE for Resistive Bridge Sensors and integrated 8051 core allowing high level of customization and reduced system complexity Can serve multiple automotive pressure sensor applications as a platform product Algorithms for compensating the sensor’s non-idealities can easily be implemented in software On chip temperature sensor with 10 bit ADC allows for direct signal conditioning and compensation for the sensor's actual temperature environment Includes test data demonstrating capabilities of PGA400-Q1 to enable quick evaluation of product’s performance AEC-Q100 Qualified


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Automotive Resistive Pressure Sensor Interface Reference Design TIDA-00150

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