Aptina? Automotive Camera Module Reference Design (TIDA-00098)

The reference design is an automotive camera module solution with Aptina image sensor and processor, and TI FPD-Link III serializer. The module features the AR0132AT 1.2Mp image sensor, the AP0101AT image signal processor (ISP) from Aptina, and the LM34919C, TPS62231 buck regulator and DS90UB913A-Q1 FPD-Link III serializer from Texas Instruments. The combination offers a compact two-board automotive camera solution. Only one single coaxial cable is needed for the camera data/control signal transmission and input power supply.


A complete automotive camera module reference design Small form factor, two 32x32mm stacked boards Single coaxial cable connection, input power and FPD-Link III signal on one coaxial cable Wide operation range from 4.7V to 42V, suitable for 12V car battery system Aptina AR0132AT 1.2Mp image sensor, AP0101AT image signal processor


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Aptina? Automotive Camera Module Reference Design TIDA-00098