Optimizing THS4509 to Drive High Speed ADCs Reference Design (TIDA-00093)

This reference design shows the ability of the high-speed amplifier, THS4509 to perform single-ended to differential conversion to drive high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) while maintaining excellent noise and distortion performance. Performance versus input frequency is shown for both AC and DC coupled applications while interfaced to the ADS4449 quad, 250-MSPS, 14-bit ADC. Various options for common-mode voltages, power supplies, and interfaces are discussed and measured to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. Anti-aliasing filter examples are shown along with the performance improvements that they provide.


High-speed single-ended to differential conversion while maintain excellent performance System performance results for THS4509 driving ADS4449 -SFDR > 77 dBFs, SNR > 71 dBFS in first Nyquist zone -SFDR > 69 dBFs, SNR > 67 dBFS in second Nyquist zone Examples of both AC and DC coupled interfaces Demonstrates anti-aliasing filter design and performance gains Amplifier power supply design considerations for best performance are discussed


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Optimizing THS4509 to Drive High Speed ADCs Reference Design TIDA-00093

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