TMS320F2833x Reference Design(SPRC541)

In this revision (Rev 2, dated December 20 2007), the following errors in the Rev 1 Reference design (dated October 16 2007) have been corrected: Pin-out of the DSP (U1) Pins 18, 25 and 62– SCIRXDB has been corrected to SCITXDB Pin 148 – SCIRXDA has been corrected to SCITXDA Typos in the pin names have been corrected for the following pins: Pin 63 SCIRXDB Pin 67 EQEP1I Pin 74 ADCSOCAOn Pin 95 EQEP1I Pin 114 SCITXDC


This version fixes some errors found in v1.0


Сравнение позиций

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