Isolated triple-output Fly-Buck Bias for PLC applications (PMP9419)

The PMP9419 reference design is a 3-output isolated Fly-Buck power supply for PLC applications. It takes 24V nominal input and provides 3 isolated sets of bias voltage, which are +15V@100mA, -15V@30mA, and 5V@17mA. Each set of rails is generated from one single transformer windings on the secondary side. A compact solution size is achieved (55.3mmx43.8mm). The design features the LM5017 synchronous buck converter configured as a Fly-Buck regulator. With the benefit of primary side regulation, the supply has the outputs regulated without the opto-coupler or additional transformer winding. The LM5017 has a wide Vin range which is up to 100V and 600mA output current capability with integrated switch FETs.


Three isolated outputs, +15V@100mA, -15V@30mA, 5V@17mA Fly-Buck converter design, primary side regulation, compact solution for multiple isolated output supply 81% peak efficiency. LM5017 sync buck regulator, up to 100V wide Vin range, 600mA capability This circuit board is tested, and the design files and test report are included.


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Isolated triple-output Fly-Buck Bias for PLC applications PMP9419

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