CISPR 25 Class 5 Rated 1.5W Automotive Power Reference Design (PMP9361)

The PMP9361 reference design provides an EMI optimized 1.5W power supply design for automotive applications. This design features the LM34919C, a 50V, 600mA buck regulator, AEC-Q100 qualified, with a switching frequency up to 2.6MHz and in ultra-small 2x2mm DSBGA package, making it suitable for automotive applications. The power supply generates a 3.3V output at 500mA, and the switching frequency is set at 2.1MHz to avoid AM bands interferences. The design comes with the input EMI filter to suppress the conducted emissions. It is tested under the CISPR 25, the automotive EMC standard, and the result is compliant with the Class 5 conducted emissions standard.


CISPR 25 Class 5 conducted emissions standard compliance LM34919C-Q1, 50V, 600mA Constant On-Time Buck Regulator, ultra-small 2x2mm DSBGA package, AEC-Q100 qualified 6-50V operating input voltage range 2.1MHz switching frequency to avoid AM band, and input EMI filter to suppress conducted emissions Optimized layout for better EMI performance 1.5W power supply design, ideal for 12V automotive battery system


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CISPR 25 Class 5 Rated 1.5W Automotive Power Reference Design PMP9361

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