LM5017 Flybuck Quad Isolated Output Power Supply without Opto-coupler (PMP7993)

The LM5017 Flybuck reference design provides multiple isolated outputs to supply the bias voltage needed in a PLC I/O module. It generates 4 isolated outputs: ±15V@50mA and ±5V@100mA; it can cover most of the required voltage rails in the I/O module, such as the OP-AMP, DAC bias, RS-485 transmitter and digital isolator power supplies. In the Flybuck, the regulation is done on the primary side, and thus no opto-coupler is needed. The overall load/line regulation for each output is within +/-5%. The input voltage range is from 17V to 32V.


Ideal for PLC I/O modules, or industrial applications requiring multiple bias supplies Quad isolated outputs, +/-15V@50mA, +/-5V@100mA Designed for an operating range of 17-32V Uses the LM5017 capable of 9 to 100V Input operation for withstanding transients and surge voltage +/-5% Vout regulation accuracy across line and load variations Tested and supported with design files, reference board available upon request


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LM5017 Flybuck Quad Isolated Output Power Supply without Opto-coupler PMP7993

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