Power Solution for an Automotive Fuel Injector (PMP7966)

PMP7966 is a 4-phase boost converter rated for 52V output at 2.5A from an input voltage of 6V to 42V. This design uses LM5122 boost controllers at a switching frequency of 100 kHz each phase, resulting in 400 kHz input and output ripple. 680μF aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used at the output of each phase, providing hold-up to support large transient currents.


52V power supply designed for automotive fuel injector solenoids 4-phase boost with 100kHz switching frequency but easier-to-filter 400kHz ripples 6V to 42V input voltage range, ideal for 12V/24V automotive batteries Output capacitors sized to provide the hold-up during large load transients


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Power Solution for an Automotive Fuel Injector PMP7966

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