Power Solution for an Automotive Voltage Quality Module (PMP7916)

The PMP7916 is a boost converter that can be used by a voltage quality module in a start-stop car to condition the battery voltage seen by electronic loads. For such a car to utilize existing electronic assemblies, input voltage to the assemblies is not allowed to dip to 6V during warm cranking or else they will momentarily shut down. The PMP7916 keeps the input voltage above 10.5V during cranking, and bypasses the battery voltage when it goes above 12V. When boosting a low battery voltage during cranking, the PMP7916 can support a 500W load for 5 seconds.


Mininum 6V input voltage supports US automotive cold cranking requirement 12V output during cranking Operates in bypass mode when battery voltage is higher than 12V Synchronous boost operation improves efficiency and saves extra bypass switch. 2-phase operation reduces filter size.


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Power Solution for an Automotive Voltage Quality Module PMP7916

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