3 - 4.2Vin, 1.35Vout @ 4A, DDR3 LV using the TPS51216 (PMP6807)

The PMP6807 reference design uses the TPS51216 to generate a low voltage DRR3 power supply. The VDDQ supply is 1.35V and capable of 4A. The VTT supply is generated using a source/sink LDO that is capable of 0.5A. The design also takes advantage of high performance compact MOSFETs (CSD17313Q2) to achieve efficiency over 90% for most of the load range.


Provides all the power rails needed for DDR3 LV memory Operates under single cell Lithium-Ion batter (3.0 - 4.2V) input Very compact design saving required PCB area Supports various sleep modes controlled by a controller Great efficiency of over 93% This design is tested and ready to plug into memory devices


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3 - 4.2Vin, 1.35Vout @ 4A, DDR3 LV using the TPS51216 PMP6807

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