120Vac TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver Reference Design (PMP6015)

This reference design provides a high-brightness LED driver based on the TPS92075. It is designed to operate with an input voltage in the range of 90VAC to 132VAC with a 120 VAC nominal input voltage. This design is set up for an 185mA output current with an output voltage range of 46 to 54V. The ‘Max at Max’ circuit uses simple low cost components to adjust the converter off-time and the output current. A small capacitance transfers a small amount of energy when the triac edge is present, filters it and creates a small current which adds to the existing off-time charge current from VCC. The effect is a shortened off time and increased output current, only when a triac is present.


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120Vac TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver Reference Design PMP6015

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