PMP5495 Reference Design for Reduced Board Space (PMP5495)

The PMP5495 reference design contains the TPS54620 DC/DC converter with a double-sided layout to reduce board space. The reference design accepts a 4.5V to 17V input and delivers up to 5A at an output voltage of 3.3V while switching at 480 kHz. The reference design takes up less than 185 square millimeters total board area and uses a 3.3ВµH IHLP2525 inductor with only one 47ВµF 1206 ceramic output capacitor. The TPS54620 is a 4.5 to 17V, 6-A monolithic synchronous buck DC/DC converter with integrated 26 / 19 milliohm MOSFETS in a small 3.5mm x 3.5mm 14-pin QFN package.


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