TPS54620 Reference Design for Fast Transient Response(PMP4854-1)

This reference design contains two different schematics using the TPS54620 DC/DC converter on one print. Both designs accept a 4.5V to 14V input and deliver 6-A at an output voltage of 3.3V while switching at 580 kHz. PMP4854-1 is designed for fast transient response and uses a 3.3uH VLF10045T inductor with two 47uF 1206 ceramic output capacitors. PMP4854-2 is designed to minimize board space. The entire design occupies only 195 square millimeters and uses a 3.3 uH IHLP2525 inductor with only one 47uF 1206 ceramic output capacitor. The TPS54620 is a 4.5 to 17V, 6-A monolithic synchronous buck 1.6 MHz DC/DC converter with integrated 26 / 19 milliohm MOSFETS in a small 3.5mm x 3.5mm 14 pin QFN package.



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