Automotive I.MX6 Quad Core Processor Power Solution Reference Design(PMP4442-5)

This design is an low-cost discrete power solution to power I.MX6 quad core. All the DCDC regulators are running at 2MHz to avoid the AM band interference and provide low solution size. The first stage DCDC converter can support wide Vin range from 6V to 42V, which can support start-stop system as well as load dump. The second stage DCDC provides all the necessary power rails to power up I.MX6 quad core. I.MX6 is very loose on the power sequencing of the different rails so no sequencer is necessary for this design. It uses a 4 layer board with 2oz copper to have better thermal characteristic at 2MHz switching frequency and 85C ambient.


Wide input voltage range: off battery 6V to 42V power supply to support start-stop system and load dump The DCDC regulator all run at 2MHz to avoid AM band interference and very small form factor No sequencer is needed since I.MX6 is very loose on the power rails sequencing First stage wide Vin async DCDC converter, TPS54561-Q1, can run at 4A, 5V out at 2MHz to allow users to avoid using controller to save cost, area and avoid voltage shoot through I.MX6 vcore voltage can run at 4A, it can provide the current at least 30% higher than even the highly atypical condition which is dual 1080p video playback plus one 3D graphics All the power rails powering I.MX6 ripple are below 5% Sink/source voltage regulator that will provide the VTT termination voltage for DDR memory


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Automotive I.MX6 Quad Core Processor Power Solution Reference Design PMP4442-5

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