28-W/49-W Automotive boost converter reference design for ADAS applications(PMP30359)

This reference design features an automotive synchronous boost converter, which can be configured for two different output voltages. A regulated input voltage of 5.0 V is converted to either 8.0 V or 14.0 V. The maximum load current for both output voltages is 3.5 A. The design has been space optimized to fit into an area of 30 mm x 50 mm in order to fit into ADAS applications.


  • High efficiency for low power dissipation in space constrained applications
  • Includes an output filter for minimizing the output voltage ripple
  • Very good load transient behavior resulting in small output voltage deviation
  • Tight output voltage regulation for an accurate output voltage


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28-W/49-W Automotive boost converter reference design for ADAS applications PMP30359

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