0.8V-4.2Vin to 3.3V@100mA Boost+Buck Reference Design (PMP21055)

The PMP21055 reference design converts a 0.8V to 4.2V input to a 3.3V/100mA output in a small form factor measuring 12mmx8mm. The design is built on a 2 layer, 1oz board and is a low-cost, small size design intended for battery powered applications.


0.8V-4.2Vdc input to 3.3V/100mA output >85% efficiency at 3Vin, 100mA load Boost+buck design for low Vin operation Complete test report and design support collateral, including thermal performance 1oz, 2-layer board, 12mm x 8mm solution size


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0.8V-4.2Vin to 3.3V@100mA Boost+Buck Reference Design PMP21055

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