2W Industrial Isolated Flybuck-Boost Reference Design(PMP20210)

PMP20210 is an isolated Flybuck converter utilizing the LM5160 for industrial applications. This design has a minimum operating input voltage of 12V and a maximum input voltage of 56V. The design is capable of sourcing 0.6A continuous current at 3.3Vout. Switching frequency is set to 200kHz. A VERSA-PAC transformer VPH3-0138-R is used for this design. PMP20210 is assembled on PMP10564 PCB.


12V to 56V in, -10.9V primary output, secondary outputs: +3.3V @ 0.6A – IC capable of 4.5V to 65V input Primary side regulation without opto, good regulation, within +/-5% No loop compensation required/fast transient response Low BOM count and cost, compact solution size No RC snubber at primary winding


Схемы и диаграммы

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2W Industrial Isolated Flybuck-Boost Reference Design PMP20210

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