700W Automotive Class D Audio Amplifier Reference Design(PMP11769)

The PMP11769 reference design is a complete solution for a 700W automotive audio amplifier. The boost converter provides 36.0V @ 10.0A continuous / 20.0A peak from an input voltage of 9 .. 16V. It contains two Class-D amplifiers which provide 2x 175W @ 4 Ohm load (left & right channel) and 1x 350W @ 2 Ohm (subwoofer).The design is well suited for car audio external amp applications due to its thin profile and high power output.


Easily integrated into automotive systems with 50V load dump and integrated protection system Ultra-HD audio for best quality sound for any integrated Class-D amplifier 100kHz bandwidth, which enables support for high resolution audio files and formats Low noise, which eliminates the "hiss" or "buzz" sounds


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700W Automotive Class D Audio Amplifier Reference Design PMP11769

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