Synchronous Rectifier Controller Daughter Board Reference Design (PMP11216)

The UCC24630 SR controller is a high performance controller and driver for N-channel MOSFET power devices used in secondary side synchronous rectification. Using a volt-second balance control method, the UCC24630 is ideal for flyback power supplies over a wide output voltage range since the IC is not directly connected to the MOSFET drain. The SR drive turn off threshold is not depenant on the MOSFET RDSON which allows optimizing for maximum conduction time.


Optimized for 5V to 24V Flyback Systems Wide VDD range from 3.6V to 28V Volt-Second Balance SR On Time Control Minimize Effect of MOSFET and Layout Inductance CCM Operation Compatibility Auto Low Power Detect and 110uA Standby Mode Current


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Synchronous Rectifier Controller Daughter Board Reference Design PMP11216

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