Dual Output Non-Isolated Flybuck Reference Design (PMP10733)

PMP10733 uses the LM5160 in a Fly-Buck-Boost topology with the primary set as to a negative voltage. Setting the primary side to a negative voltage reduces the turn’s ratio of the transformer and yield better line and load regulation as a result. The primary and secondary voltages are set to negative 15V and positive 15V respectively. The maximum operating current on the primary and secondary rails are set to 150mA. The switching frequency is set to 200 kHz.


5V to 20V in, +/-15V @150mA output, 4.5W Pout total, IC capable of 6V to 60Vin 81% peak efficiency Compact solution with Coupled inductor Solution size: 20x20 mm (0.8x0.8 inch); max component height: 4.5mm Board size: 38 x 38 mm (1.5 x 1.5 inch), 2 layer board, 1oz copper


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Dual Output Non-Isolated Flybuck Reference Design PMP10733