Low Profile Quad Output Isolated Fly-Buck Power Supply for Industrial Applications (PMP10543)

The PMP10543 reference design is a low profile quad output isolated Fly-Buck power supply for industrial applications. The power supply has a synchronous buck regulator, LM5017, and a low profile (6mm) transformer. It generates four isolated outputs of ±5V, ±12V, 75mA each. The LM5017 is a 100V wide Vin, 600mA synchronous buck regulator. The input voltage range of the design is 20V to 32V, making it suitable for 24V input industrial application. The Fly-Buck can regulate the secondary side outputs without opto-coupler or aux winding and is capable of achieving good cross regulation within ±5%. With LM5017's constant on-time control, no loop compensation is required, which simplifies the design and helps reducing the external part count and BOM cost.


Multiple isolated bias power using Fly-Buck, ideal for PLC and industrial applications 2.5W output power, +/-12V, +/-5V @ 75mA each, with LM5017 capable of 7.5V to 100V input Primary side regulation without opto, good cross regulation within +/-5% 6mm low profile transformer Constant on-time control, no loop compensation required, and fast transient response This circuit board is tested, and the design files and test report are included.


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Low Profile Quad Output Isolated Fly-Buck Power Supply for Industrial Applications PMP10543

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