85-480VAC Input, Triple Ouput (12V/0.7A) AC/DC Flyback Reference Design (PMP10344)

This reference design generates three separate isolated 12V/0.77A outputs from either an 85-265VAC single phase input or a 200-480VAC-LL three phase input. The UCC28700 controls a flyback converter power stage. The primary side regulation feature of the UCC28700 eliminates the need for an optocoupler, reducing cost and complexity. The three outputs are isolated from each other and can be stacked in series to generate higher output voltages.


Accepts 3 phase input voltages up to 480VAC, as well as single phase 85-264VAC Generates three separate isolated 12V/0.7A outputs that can be stacked in series or in parallel for different output voltages/currents Delivers 25W total output power Start-up time <200ms (at 230VAC or higher), <400ms (115VAC Features 960V N-channel power MOSFET switch Primary Side Regulation eliminates optocoupler, reduces cost, increases reliability


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85-480VAC Input, Triple Ouput (12V/0.7A) AC/DC Flyback Reference Design PMP10344

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