CC1020 Evaluation Board Reference Design(CC1020EB_REFDES)

The CC1020EB reference design contains schematics and layout files for the CC1020 Evaluation Board. The Evaluation Board serves as a motherboard for the CC1020, CC1021, CC1070, and CC1000uCSP Evaluation Modules. The CC1020EB, connected to a PC running the SmartRF® Studio software, can be used to change and test various CC1020 and CC1070 system parameters. The CC1020EB constitutes of three main parts. These are the sockets for the evaluation module (RF-section), the voltage supply and the PC-interface. The CC1020EB includes a number of components for maximum flexibility. However, only a minor part of these components are required in an actual application. Check the CC1020 and CC1070 datasheets for typical application circuits.


Сравнение позиций

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