ADS527x Xilinx Deserializer Solution (ADS527X-REF)

NOTE: Clicking on the "Xilinx" link will re-direct you to the Xilinx website, where the LVDS Reference Design files can be downloaded directly. The ADS527x components are 8-channel, 12-bit analog-to-digital converters with serialized LVDS interfaces and sample rates from 40 MSPS to 70 MSPS. This family fits nicely with the LVDS I/Os of Xilinx's Virtex-II, Virtex-II Pro, and Spartan-3 devices.


Maximum sample rate of: 40 MSPS (ADS5270) 50 MSPS (ADS5271) 65 MSPS (ADS5272) 70 MSPS (ADS5273) 12-bit resolution No missing codes Power dissipation of 1.1W CMOS technology Simultaneous sample and hold 70.5 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) on a 10 MHz interface Serialized LVDS outputs meet or exceed the requirements of the ANSI TIA/EIA-644-A standard Internal and external references 3.3V digital/analog supply TQFP-80 PowerPAD package Applications The ADS527x ADC family is intended to be used in the following applications: Medical equipment Ultrasound systems Tape drives Test equipment Communications Optical networking