STEVAL-ISA004V1: 10W, 5V @ 1A, 12V @ 420mA(STEVAL-ISA004V1)

This evaluation board is an offline, wide-range, VIPer22A-E dual-output power supply with a switching frequency of 60 kHz and is set up for secondary regulation with an optocoupler. One output delivers 5 V at 1 A and a second output delivers 12 V at 0.42 A, making for a total output power of 10 W.

The evaluation board meets Blue Angel Norms, consuming less than 1 W total when working in standby mode. The board operates in burst mode when both the output loads are reduced to zero and the output voltages still remain regulated.


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STEVAL-ISA004V1: 10W, 5V @ 1A, 12V @ 420mA STEVAL-ISA004V1

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