Secure Wearable ST31 develpment kit (SDK-W-ST31)

The SDK-W-ST54 and SDK-W-ST31 are software development kits (SDK) based on the ST54 or ST31 secure MCU platforms. They constitute reference starter kits for secure wearable devices.

They allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily integrate payment application, NFC or multi-application services in their devices by providing all necessary software and hardware reference design. They are also used to evaluate and test the full NFC functionality. In addition, they improve security awareness and offer a security system solution on Internet of things (IoTs).

These SDKs are designed to swiftly add NFC contactless services to MCU-based solutions on wearables and Internet of Things. They support all business modes: banking and OEMs. For that, they are unified between ST31 banking products and ST54 full NFC and embedded secure element (eSE) solutions. They also support BoostedNFCв„ў devices in cooperation with ams.

The SDKs are composed of a hardware reference design and a software SDK.

The hardware reference design provides the schematics, layout and power management.

The SDK software provides different APIs:

Connectivity APIs like BLE, SPI, USB and I2C eSE management application programming interfaces (APIs) to manage the secure element Firmware update APIs to manage the updates of the ST54 A complete NFC Stack that provides the full NFC functions (CE, RW and Peer To Peer)

An example of eSE management Android package (APK) on Android over BLE can be provided.


  • The ST54 platform is a combination of the ST21NFC near-field communication (NFC) controller with the ST33 secure element. It supports:
    • NFC use cases
    • Full NFC operating modes such as Card emulation, Reader/Writer, Peer-to-peer communication
    • Multi-administration interface in the secure element (SPI, ISO, APDU reader gate)
    • NFC STACK on RTOS with the STM32 platform with flexible split depending on the required NFC features
  • The ST31 secure microcontroller platform supports:
    • Optimized contactless ISO 14443 Type A and B payment application for wearables
  • Antenna size and footprint:
    • Tiny antenna support (with active load modulation)
    • Minimal footprint
    • Flexible integration
  • Optimized power aspects:
    • BluetoothВ® low energy (BLE), compatible with fingerprint authentication extension boards


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