Toxic Gas Detector expansion board for STM32 Nucleo-64 (I-NUCLEO-CN0357)

Developers use the low-noise, single-supply, toxic gas detector from Analog Devices (I-NUCLEO-CN0357) to test, develop and prototype on the STM32F411 MCU using the NUCLEO-F411 board.

I-NUCLEO-CN0357 uses an electrochemical sensor (included and unmounted) with programmable gain transimpedance amplifier for rapid prototyping that can be used in conjunction with an STM32F411 MCU, to create a toxic-gas-detector system.

The I-NUCLEO-CN0357 uses the ADA4528-2, dual-auto-zero amplifier, which has a maximum offset voltage of 2.5 ОјV at room temperature and an industry leading 5.6 ОјV/в€љHz voltage noise density. In addition, the AD5270-20 programmable rheostat is used rather than a fixed transimpedance resistor, allowing for rapid prototyping of different gas-sensor systems, without changing the bill of materials.

The ADR3412 precision, low-noise, micro-power voltage reference establishes the 1.2 V common-mode, pseudo ground reference voltage with 0.1% accuracy and 8 ppm/В°C drift.

For applications where measuring fractions of ppm gas concentration is important, using the ADA4528-2 amplifier and the ADR3412 voltage reference makes the circuit performance

suitable for interfacing with a 16-bit ADC, as the AD7790.

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  • Complete electrochemical sensor solution with signal conditioning and conversion
  • ARMВ® mbedв„ў -enabled (see
  • Low power
  • Programmable rheostat enables connection to different gas sensors, without changing the signal-chain bill of materials


Toxic Gas Detector expansion board for STM32 Nucleo-64   I-NUCLEO-CN0357