EnFilm™ micro-battery discovery kit (EFL700EVALKIT)

The EFL700EVALKIT is a kit which contains a power management board (PMB) and a load board (LB).

It allows discovering the operation of the EFL700A39 and monitoring the voltage and the dynamic charge / discharge current in real use-case conditions.


  • PMB:
    • Manages the charge and voltage regulation of the EFL700A39
    • Protects battery against deep discharge
    • Allows battery recharging by external energy harvesting source or USB port
    • Includes a super-capacitor to sustain high pulsed discharge current
  • LB:
    • Includes an analog ammeter and a digital voltmeter to monitor: The current delivered by the source, the current going through the EFL700A39 battery, the battery voltage
    • Includes a pulsed load emulator with the possibility to adjust the pulsed load cyclic ratio


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Производитель: STMicroelectronics
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Отладочная платформа EFL700EVALKIT включает в себя две платы: плату силового преобразователя (power management board, PMB) и плату нагрузки (load board, LB). Используемый сверхтонкий аккумулятор: EFL700A39.
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