VSC5628EV-A - VSC5628EV AQR407 (4x10GBASE-T) Add-InCard(VSC5628EV-A)

The VSC5628EV ethernet development system can be used to demonstrate the SparX-IV (VSC7442/44/48) Ethernet switch and the VSC8584 PHY devices with the AQR407


    SparX-IV Ethernet switch
    2 VSC8584 quad PHYs
    8 RJ45 1G front ports
    16 SFP module slots for 100M/1G/2.5G SFPs
    4 SFP+ or 2 SFP+ and 2 X2 modules
    Embedded MIPS CPU system for management

    VSC5628EV-A includes AQR407 quad channel 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Cu PHY


VSC5628EV-A - VSC5628EV AQR407 (4x10GBASE-T) Add-InCard VSC5628EV-A

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