MX Educational Target Board (TSTR002)

Robust, Expandable Development Platform
The MX Educational Target Board by Stratford Digital is designed to accept the MX PIC24F Educational module (part # TSTR001) to create a turn-key development platform for education and rapid prototyping. It is also compatible with any other MX Series Module.

All MX Series Modules and Target boards are pre-engineered for robust and reliable operation. Engineering details such as ESD protection, signal and power integrity, and minimal power consumption are already designed in.

Unique Features
The Target Board contains a large breadboard area, four buttons, four LEDs, two RS-232 ports, an SPI port and an I2C port. Optional connectors (not populated) may be added for two more RS-232 ports, another I2C port, a CAN port, and a JTAG port.

The system power connector is reverse-polarity protected, includes a resettable 2A fuse, and accepts 5V to 20V external power supply (not included.) For measurement of low power applications, a current sense connector is provided in parallel with a 0.1 ohm power resistor.


    Part of an Educational System

    A complete system requires the MX Educational Target Board in addition to the MX PIC24F Educational Module (part # TSTR001) or any other module that is compliant with the MX Interface Specification Document. An Educator’s Lab Manual is available (see below for download) that includes ten unique labs on topics ranging from “Intro to Microcontrollers,” to timers, pulse-width modulation, analog-to-digital converters, and power management.

    The mechanical and electrical interface between modules and target boards is described in the MX Interface Specification Document found at


MX Educational Target Board TSTR002