MX PIC24F Educational Module (TSTR001)

Compact, Robust MCU Module

The MX PIC24F Educational Module by Stratford Digital is a member of the MX Module series of embedded controllers. The module is compact (65x50 mm) and is designed to connect to a compatible target board or a custom application. An Educational Target Board with breadboard area, additional connectivity options, and a free lab manual are also available.

All MX Series Modules and Target boards are pre-engineered for robust and reliable operation. Engineering details such as ESD protection, signal and power integrity, and minimal power consumption are already designed in.

PIC24F Microcontroller

The module includes a PIC24FJ256GB110 MCU with 256K of Flash memory and 16K of RAM. This processor is ideal for low power (<100nA standby current) and connectivity applications that benefit from the availability of multiple serial ports (3 I2C ports, 3 SPI ports, 4 UARTS), and 23 independent timers.

The Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) feature aids in configuring the most efficient pin configuration of available I/O. In addition, the Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) is ideal for interfacing with capacitive-type sensors and provides touch support for up to 64 individual buttons. The MCU supports USB 2.0 for Device, Host, and OTG with a complete and free software stack that includes a thumb drive application stack.


    Other Unique Features

    The MX PIC24F Educational Module includes an on-board programmer and debugger that is compatible with MPLAB IDE (an external programmer/debugger is not required.) For non-volatile data storage, a 256Kbit EEPROM device is provided. If additional RAM storage is required, a 256Kbit RAM device (Microchip 23K256 or equivalent) can be added. These external memory modules connect to the MCU via SPI bus.

    The module is designed to connect to a target board such as the MX Educational Target Board (part # TSTR002). A target board is required for programming and operation. Two 50 pin connectors on the underside of the module are used to connect off-board I/O lines as well as input and power pins. The mechanical and electrical interface is described in the MX Interface Specification Document found at


MX PIC24F Educational Module TSTR001