Biometrics Interface Board for Explorer 16 by Electronic Steps (TSTEP001)

The Biometric Interface Board is a demonstration board for evaluating the SFM3050 fingerprint module. It’s an expansion board that connects to an Explorer 16 development board, with demo code for a PIC24FJ256GB110 PIM.

Fingerprint modules are designed to provide biometric security solutions to developers for integration with various applications, such as access control, time attendance, mobile device, safes and so on. The module is based on a capacitive sensor, which offers a number of advantages over optical sensors. For example, scratches or stains on the touch surface will not affect operation. The fingertip itself need not be free of dust, debris or scratches.

Electronicsteps provides the source code of the demo firmware in an MPLAB® X IDE-compatible project. It connects to the microcontroller by a simple serial interface, and sends packets of data to the module, allowing the user to easily enroll, delete and verify templates from fingerprints.


    • Connects to Explorer 16 Development Board (not included)
    • Fingerprints are enrolled in less than 1 second
    • Fast fingerprint matching speed
    • Template size is 384 bytes (reducible to 256 bytes)
    • Uses standard template format (ISO19794-2, ANSI-378)
    • Based on award-winning fingerprint algorithm
    • Built-in Wiegand interface and LED control
    • Serial interface with simple protocol


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Biometrics Interface Board for Explorer 16 by Electronic Steps TSTEP001