20-Pin TSSOP and SSOP Evaluation Board (TSSOP20EV)

The 20-Pin TSSOP and SSOP Evaluation Board allows the system designer to quickly evaluate the operation of Microchip Technology’s devices in any of the following 20-pin packages: TSSOP-20/16/14/8 and SSOP-20.

The board has a 6-pin header (PICkit Serial, ICSP, etc.) that can be easily jumpered to the device’s desired pins to communicate with the device (using PICkit Serial) or in the case of PIC microcontrollers or EEPROM, programmed (using ICSP).

The board also has footprints for a crystal circuit (for PIC microcontrollers) This board is generic so that any device, of the appropriate footprint, may be installed.

As well as the device, other desired passive components (resistors and capacitors) and connection posts may be installed. This allows the board to evaluate a minimum configuration for the device. Also, this allows the device to be easily jumpered into an existing system.


    • Connection terminals may be either through-hole or surface-mount
    • Two package type footprints supported - TSSOP and SSOP
    • Footprints for optional passive components on each pin
    Footprints for PIC microcontroller crystal circuit

    • PICkit Serial Analyzer / PICkit 2 Programming (ICSP) Header
    • Silk-screen area to write specifics of implemented circuit


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20-Pin TSSOP and SSOP Evaluation Board TSSOP20EV