Promate D21 Bridge PCB(THW1027)

This product provides an interface to connect the I2C compatible based maXTouch devices to PC-based applications through a USB port.


    The D21 bridge board enables connection from a target maXTouch system with I2C host interface to a Windows PC running Microchip’s maXTouch Studio development tools or maXTouch Analyzer production test tools via USB connection.

    The board also supports multiple ADC and GPIO interfaces for monitoring current and voltage of the target system.

    The board provides a facility to change the VDDIO voltage by means of simple solder bridge (1.5V, 1.8V, and 3.3V).

    Power rail output (5V, 3.3V and VDDIO) can be controlled by maXTouch Analyzer before starting DUT test.


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Promate D21 Bridge PCB THW1027

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