Chameleon 16-bit Development Kit (TDKCHA001)

The ChameleonTM 16-Bit Development Kit from Nurve Networks is the evolution of the high performance, small footprint, application development board. This credit card sized computer includes (2) processors, (9) processing cores, 1 MByte of on board FLASH, 64K of EEPROM, and over 200 MIPS of processing power! The numerous I/O interfaces include composite video for NTSC/PAL generation, VGA, audio out, PS/2 for keyboards and mice. Additionally, the Chameleon has a number of general purpose digital I/O lines and analog inputs making the Chameleon perfect for industrial controllers, experimentation, education, wearable computing, or hobbyist use.

The real power of the Chameleon is based on its dual processor design. The Chameleon uses a PIC24 MCU running at 40MHz as the master processor, and a multi-core Propeller chip as the media slave processor. Thus, instead of taxing a single processor system to do everything, the Chameleon offloads all media processing to the Propeller chip, which has 8 processing cores to perform tasks such as generate video, audio, read keyboards and mice, etc. Complex and rich media applications can be developed easily by leveraging the Propeller chip's media rendering abilities and huge software library. For example, applications can generate TV signals, VGA output, read keyboards and mice, with only a few lines of code.


    ArduinoTM I/O Compatibility

    The Chameleon was designed to be Arduino I/O compatible as much as possible, so programs written for the Arduino in C/C++ could be easily ported (the I/O headers are 95% compatible.) The Chameleon comes pre-programmed with a custom bootloader, so programs can be written with a simple text editor and a set of command files that give the Chameleon an "Arduino-like" development experience. The Chameleon is also fully compatible with the powerful MPLAB Integrated Development Environment.


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Chameleon 16-bit Development Kit TDKCHA001