chipKIT Starter Pak (TCHIP003)

The chipKIT™ Starter Pak contains everything you need to develop applications with the Arduino-compatible chipKIT platform. The Uno32 (TDGL002) includes an 80 MHz PIC32 processor with 128K Flash and 16K RAM. The Basic I/O shield (TDGL005) adds a variety of useful I/O devices such as buttons, switches, OLED graphic display, temp sensor, EEPROM, transistor outputs and more. A prototype shield kit from NKC Electronics is included, along with an innovative key that can be used to separate shields easily.

chipKIT boards work with a Multi-Platform IDE (MPIDE) and software framework that is compatible with most Arduino-based applications.


    • Pin-out compatibility with many existing Arduino™ shields that can operate at 3.3V
    • Lower price -point at four times the performance than existing solutions


Тесты и симуляция

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chipKIT Starter Pak TCHIP003