Softlog SEC-DS Secure Programming Upgrade for ICP2 Programmers (SW500090)

The Softlog SEC-DS Secure Programming Upgradeis a "Secure Programming" extension for the ICP2 and ICP2(HC) programmers that provides several layers of protection--utilizing breakthrough technology--dramatically reducing the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex data andlimiting how many times a hex file can be programmed. Secure programming operates on two levels: the ADMIN level and the USER level.

  • TheADMINlevel of operation corresponds to the developer or owner of the software.
  • TheUSERlevel corresponds to a contract manufacturer or anyone authorized to program devices.
Using the Softlog Integrated Software, the ADMIN initializes the programmer withunique password, ID number and secure buffer. Once initialized, the programmer may be shipped to a contract manufacturer. The ADMIN can update the programmer remotely by sending encrypted files to the USER.

To begin a programming job, the ADMIN uses the Softlog Integrated Software to create anenvironment file. The environment file includes hex data, configuration info, and one optional piece of information: a counter that specifies the maximum number of successfully programmed devices. The environment file is protected usingstrong encryption, and can only be decoded by a programmer that has been initialized with the correct password and ID number.

Theoptional counterof successfully programmed devices is stored in non-volatile memory of the programmer. It can be used to ensure that only an authorized number of devices are programmed from a particular environment file.

Theoptional secure bufferprovides an extra level of security by replacing a portion of the hex data memory image with dummy values. The content of the secure buffer is stored in protected memory within the programmer, and is programmed into the target device after the complete memory image (including dummy data) has been programmed and verified.

Note: Any security protocol or encryption scheme can be broken, if the attacker is sufficiently motivated and has access to the necessary resources and expertise. The Softlog Secure Programming feature is designed todramatically reduce this risk.

*Internet access is required for installation.


    • “Invisible” secure buffer up to 64 bytes in ICP2 protected memory.
    • Configurable destination of secure buffer (Flash memory or EEPROM).
    • Configurable destination address and size of the secure buffer.
    • Secure buffer checksum to guarantee data integrity.
    • Remote update of the HEX file and the counter.


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Softlog SEC-DS Secure Programming Upgrade for ICP2 Programmers SW500090