SW320014-1 - PIC32 Bluetooth SBC Only Audio Software Suite 1 (SW320014-1)

The Microchip Bluetooth stack for audio streaming with the standard SBC software CODEC is provided as a non-modifiable binary file combined with source code for usability. It includes the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP 1.3, Audio/Video Remote Control Profile AVRCP 1.5, Serial Port Profile SPP 1.2 and Service Discovery Protocol SDP 1.1. This binary code is combined with source code for operation on the PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit DV320032. Users have the option of USB Audio functionality or just the streamlined stack. In version 2.0 of this software, Free-RTOS has been removed. A version of this code with the addition of the Advanced Audio Coding AAC CODEC SW320014-2 is also available on microchipDirect.

See the Bluetooth Audio Development Kit Reference Guide below for usage details.

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    This suite contains projects for USB and Bluetooth audio.