SW320012-2 - PIC32MX Compact MP3 Decode Library (Source Code) MLA Based (SW320012-2)

Microchips compact MP3 algorithm designed to fit in small memory footprint PIC32MX Microcontrollers. This code requires only 28MIPS of performance (CD Quality audio), 42KB Flash and 11KB RAM memory for operation on the PIC32MX. Microchip offers MP3 Decoder library both in non-modifiable binary code and source code formats that enables usage on high performance PIC32MX devices. This part number is for modifiable source code. A binary-only version of this code is also available on Microchip Direct. Requires patent-only licensing through Technicolor.

For more details on the MP3 decoder, please see the user’s guide below.

2 Demonstration vehicles are available in HEX format for use with the PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit, and the PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Developers Kit. Please note that these are not compatible with one another. The demo provides MP3 playback from a USB memory stick.

MP3 Decoder Library for PIC32 is also available in MPLAB Harmony. Click Here for details.


    The Microchip compact MP3 decoder features:

    • Implements MPEG-1, Audio Layer III decoder (ISO/IEC 11172-3)
    • Simple user interface – initialize decoder and pass MP3 data
    • Optimized C callable APIs
    • Assembly optimized implementation for overall performance

    Supported sample rates:

    32 KHz, 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz

    Supported bit rates (kbps)

    32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160,192,224,256, 320 and Variable Bit Rate.


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