dsPICworks Data Analysis (SW300021)

dsPICworks™ is an easy-to-use data analysis and signal processing package for Microsoft’s Windows® 9x, NT, 2000 and Windows® XP platforms. It provides an extensive number of functions encompassing:

  • Signal Generation
  • Arithmetic and Digital Signal Processing operations
  • One, two and three-dimensional display and measurement capabilities
  • Data Import/Export compatible with MPLAB® IDE and MPLAB ASM30 assembler


  • Wide variety of signal generators – Sine, Square, Triangular, Window functions, Noise
  • Extensive DSP functions – FFT, DCT, Filtering, Convolution, Interpolation
  • Extensive Arithmetic Functions – Algebraic expressions, data-scaling, clipping etc.
  • 1-D, 2-D and 3-D displays
  • Multiple Data Quantization and Saturation Options
  • Multi-channel data support
  • Automatic “script file”-based execution options available for any user-defined sequence of dsPICworks functions
  • File Import/Export interoperable with MPLAB IDE
  • Digital filtering options support filters generated by dsPIC Filter Design
  • ASM30 assembler file option to export data tables into dsPIC30F RAM.


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dsPICworks Data Analysis SW300021