dsPIC SMPS AC-DC Reference Design(SMPS-AC-DC)

This reference design provides an easy method to evaluate the power, and features of SMPS dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers for high wattage AC - DC conversion application. Discover the many benefits of digital power control implementation in this reference design. The SMPS AC - DC Reference Design unit works with universal input voltage range, and produces multiple DC outputs. The design is based on a modular structure, which features three major power stages; the input stage, intermediate stage and the third stage, a Point of Load. The input stage is a PFC Boost Converter, the intermediate stage is a Phase-Shifted Zero Voltage Transition (ZVT) Converter, which includes ZVT Full Bridge Converter and Synchronous Rectification, and the third stage is Single-phase and Multi-phase Buck Converters. This reference design uses two dsPIC33F16GS504 devices; one used for the PFC Boost Converter and ZVT Full Bridge Converter, while the other dsPIC® DSC is used for Single-phase and Multi-phase Buck Converters.

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    • Primary and Secondary MOSFET control
    • Operates at universal input voltage (85-265Vac, 45-65Hz)
    • Operates up to 300W sustained output
    • Full Load operation on 3.3V and 5V outputs when loaded individually and/or simultaneously:
      • 3.3V output @ 56A
      • 5V output @ 23A
    • Power Factor Performance of 0.99 at full load (110Vac/220Vac)
    • Fault Indication and Protection
    • Excellent Dynamic Load Performance and Output Sequencing
    • Separate boards, one for digital signals (Signal Board) and the other for the Power stages (Power Board)
    • Signal Board has two dsPIC33F16GS504 devices controlling different power stages
    • MPLAB® ICD 2 or REAL ICE support


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dsPIC SMPS AC-DC Reference Design SMPS-AC-DC

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