PS705x Battery Manager Module (PS7051)

The PS7070 evaluation board is Not Recommended for New Designs. It is a complete smart battery controller subsystem based on the Microchip PS700 battery monitor. The board is designed to operate with a battery pack consisting of one (1) or two (2) series connected Lithium cells. The board includes the Microchip PS700 battery monitor IC in a socket, a 20 mOhm sense resistor and an overvoltage protection circuit. The EV kit also includes the PS051 PowerInfo 2 Configuration Interface and PS070 PowerMate Software.


    • PS700 tested, fully populated modules
    • Works with 1- or 2-cell series Li-Ion / Poly configurations
    • Performs accurate capacity accummulation
    • High accuracy measurement of charge/discharge current, voltage, and temperature with on-chip 16-bit integrating A/D


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