PS051 - PowerInfo 2 (PS051)

The PowerInfo 2 board is a simple, easy to use hardware interface that supports configuration, verification and test of Microchip PS70X and PS5XX ICs. It operates under the control of Microchip’s development/test software interfaced to a Windows PC.

The PowerInfo 2 board facilitates serial or USB communication between the PC and the SMBus battery interface. If connected to the PC’s serial (RS-232) port, the PowerInfo 2 board must be powered through an external 12V DC power supply. If connected through a USB port, no additional power is required.


    • Hardware platform for configuration, verification and test of Microchip PS70X and PS5XX ICs
    • Operates under control of Windows® based PowerMate™ (PS70X) software and PowerTool™ 500 (PS5XX) software through an RS-232 port or USB interface to the PC
    • Directly connects to assembled PS70X or PS5XX battery pack
    • SMBus communication managed by onboard processor
    • Supports loading and verification of battery configuration parameters and 3D cell models in memory
    • Pluggable battery connector for convenience and flexibility
    • Terminals for attachment to an external load or charger
    • Powered through USB port or by 12V DC external supply (included) when connected to RS-232 port
    • Production proven EMI/ESD protection
    • Overall mechanical dimensions:

    - 2.5 W x 4.0 L (inches)

    - 63.5 W x 101.6 L (millimeters)


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PS051 - PowerInfo 2 PS051