PIC24FJ XLP Bluetooth LE IoT Demo (PIC24IoTDemo)

Bluetooth® has emerged as a standard of choice for connecting local embedded applications through a smartphone or tablet. Many applications only need simple command and control, or a quick status update from a sensor. By catering to these needs, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has evolved to support these low-duty cycle applications with lower power consumption. Microchip’s eXtreme Low Power PIC® Microcontrollers and RN4020 Bluetooth low energy module help in achieving low power consumption.The PIC24FJ128GB204 or PIC24FJ256GB410devices used in this demo have an integrated hardware Crypto engine.This demonstration shows the simple communication between the RN4020 module and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supporting smartphone or tablet. The RN4020 module is controlled by the PIC24FJ128GB204 or PIC24FJ256GB410 MCU which include a hardware crypto engine used for AES encryption in the demonstration. The demo is built using standard development tools from Microchip including the Explorer 16 Board, PIC24FJ128GB204or PIC24FJ256GB410Processor Plug-In Module (PIM), and Bluetooth LE PICtail Plus Daughter Card. These readily available tools can be used to easily replicate this demo on your own. The demo is supported by MCU firmware and an app that will run on an Android phone or tablet. The first application is turning the LEDs on and off using the touch buttons on the tablet. The app can also show the state of the switches on the board, toggling on and off. The demo also includes data security using the crypto engine integrated on the PIC24FJ128GB204 or PIC24FJ256GB410 MCU, with up to128-bit AES. This demo shows a PIC24 XLP MCU working with Bluetooth LE talking to an Android tablet to show basic command and control similar to what would be used for a simple IoT sensor node. This demo can also be built using thePIC24FJ256GB410 Processor Plug-In Module in place of the PIC24FJ128GB204 Processor Plug-in Module.


    • PIC24FJ128GB204 or PIC24FJ256GB410 XLP MCU Plug-In Module
    • Explorer 16 Development Board
    • RN4020 Bluetooth LE Module on PICtail Daughter Card
    • Android Tablet with App
    • Integrated Hardware Encryption / Decryption
    • Bi-directional Communication
      • Basic Command & Control
      • LEDs, Switches, Temp sensor

PIC24FJ XLP Bluetooth LE IoT Demo PIC24IoTDemo