PIC-IoT WM Development Board(PIC-IoT WM)

Connect your PIC-IoT WA or PIC-IoT WG development board to the Azure IoT Hub via Device Provisioning Service (DPS) while leveraging Microsoft’s Azure IoT Embedded C SDK. Provision the PIC-IoT Wx board to connect to Azure using self-signed X.509 certificate-based authentication.

The PIC-IoT Wx Development Board combines a powerful and low power PIC24FJ128GA705 MCU, an ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC and the fully-certified ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi® network controller - which provides the most simple and effective way to connect your embedded application to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.The board also includes an on-board debugger, and requires no external hardware to program and debug the MCU.

Learn how to connect the PIC-IoT Wx development boards to Azure through IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service (DPS).

Don't have a PIC-IoT board? Get your new PIC-IoT WA Development Board or PIC-IoT WG Development Boardto connect your designs to Azure IoT Hub.


    • PIC24FJ128GA705 microcontroller
      • 128 KB Flash Memory & 16 KB SRAM
    • ATWINC1510 WiFi Module
      • Single-band 2.4GHz b/g/n IoT Network Controller, Pre-certified Module
    • ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ device
      • Protected Storage for 16 Keys, SHA256, AES-CCM, ECDH (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman), ECDSA
    • Other Board Features
      • Four Status LED’s
        • Blue LED indicates a connection to Wi-Fi network
        • Green LED indicates a connection to the AWS servers
        • Yellow LED indicates a packet of sensor data has been successfully published to the AWS MQTT servers
        • Red LED indicates an Error occurred
      • Two mechanical buttons
      • TEMT6000 Light sensor
      • MCP9808 Temperature sensor
      • mikroBUS header to interface to MikroElekronika click Boards™
      • Auto-ID for board identification in Microchip MPLAB X
    • On-board Debugger
      • Programming and debugging
      • Virtual COM port (CDC)
      • One logic analyzer channel (DGI GPIO)
    • USB and battery powered
    • Integrated Li-Ion/LiPo battery charger


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PIC-IoT WM Development Board PIC-IoT WM

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