MIC7401YFL Evaluation Board (MIC7401YFL-EV)

The MIC7401 is a powerful, highly-integrated, configurable, power-management IC (PMIC) featuring five synchronous buck regulators, one boost regulator, and high-speed I2C interface with an internal EEPROM and micro-power shutdown. The device offers two distinct modes of operation “standby mode” and “normal mode”. In normal mode, the programmable switching converters can be configured to support a variety of features, including start-up sequencing, timing, soft-start ramp, output voltage levels, current-limit levels, and output discharge for each channel. In standby mode the PMIC can configured in a low power state by either disabling an output or by changing the output voltage to a lower level. Independent exit from standby mode can be achieved either by I2C communication or the external STBY pin.


    Refer to User Guide.


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