MIC4479YME Evaluation Board (MIC4479YME-EV)

The MIC4478, MIC4479, and MIC4480 are low-side dual MOSFET drivers. They are designed to switch N-channel enhancement type MOSFETs from TTL-compatible control signals for low-side switching applications. The MIC4478 is dual non-inverting, the MIC4479 is dual inverting, and the MIC4480 has complimentary non-inverting and inverting drivers. Short propagation delays and high peak currents produce precise edges and rapid rise and fall times. The MIC4478/4479/4480 are powered from a +4.5V to +32V supply voltage. The on-state gate drive output voltage is approximately equal to the supply voltage (no internal regulators or clamps). In a low-side configuration, the drivers can control a MOSFET that switches any voltage up to the rating of the MOSFET.


    Refer to User Guide.


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