MIC2874YCS Evaluation Board (MIC2874YCS-EV)

The MIC2874 is a high-current, high-efficiency flash LED driver that operates in both torch and flash modes. MIC2874 has a built-in internally compensated current-mode PWM 4MHz boost converter that allows the usage of very small inductors and output capacitors. It is used to step up the supply voltage to a high enough voltage at the OUT pin to drive the LED current when the supply voltage is lower than the required output voltage. When the supply voltage exceeds the required output voltage, the synchronous switch of the converter is fully turned on and the LED driver operates in linear mode. MIC2874 also features a configurable safety timer that automatically shuts down the LED current after the set duration has expired if the programmed LED current exceeds a certain current threshold. These features make the MIC2874 an ideal solution for high-resolution camera phone LED flash light driver applications.


    Refer to User Guide.


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