MIC28512-2YFL Evaluation Board (MIC28512-2YFL-EV)

The MIC28512 eval board is used to demonstrate the features of the MIC28512, a synchronous step-down regulator featuring unique adaptive on-time control architecture with integrated power MOSFETs. The MIC28512 operates over an input supply range of 4.6V to 70V, and can be used to supply up to 2A of output current. The output voltage is adjustable down to 0.8V with a guaranteed accuracy of В±1% from 0В°C to 85В°C. The device operates with a programmable switching frequency from 200kHz to 680kHz (nominal). The MIC28512 evaluation board requires only a single power supply with at least 5A current capability. For applications where VIN is less than +5.5V, the internal LDO can be bypassed by tying VDD to VIN.


    Refer to User Guide.


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